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Your wedding day should be relaxing, unique, and meaningful. Everyone has their own vision of their day, and I want to help you make it everything you want it to be. Let's make it just about you two sharing your day together without the stress and drama! 

why elope?

"My husband and I were high school sweet hearts. We have been best friends since we were in elementary school. We got to watch each other graduate high school, graduate college, and we got to stand side by side and vow forever to one another in the most beautiful place. We decided to elope because we wanted our day to represent us... we wanted a day where we would never forget the memories and moments shared between US. His reckless love for me makes me brave. Everyday with him is an adventure and I couldn’t be more thankful. Our elopement portrayed our courage, our personalities, and our wild and fierce love for one another. We make each other fearless and brave. Which for us, was do once in a lifetime things with the person you get to spend forever with. In years to come, when we visit Yosemite, we will be able to stand in one of Gods beautiful creations and look back at all of our memories from our elopement."

Bailey + Karlee

  hey you!

The one who is here to give YOU one heck of an experience that you will relive again and again by looking at your beautiful photos. I invite you to show your true emotions, create intimate moments, and just act silly together! I will be there capturing every little detail of your love from the tiny nose scrunches to big belly aching laughs. I will get all those details!


A little about me.. I am based in the tundra of Minnesota. I am the lover of hiking through the mountains, sipping on chai tea, and cuddling with my husky, Nika. I may come off as a tad shy at first, but once you get to know me, you know I laugh just a little too hard at myself.. I’m hilarious. Get to know me even more and find out what to expect about your experience! 

I'm Sydney

whatcha lookin' for? 

Oregon Engagement


Noah + Hope

"Our experience working with Sydney was nothing short of perfection. Sydney not only has a talented eye behind the camera, but she made us feel so comfortable during our session. Sydney radiates so much passion for her work, but also expresses compassion for her clients. We can’t stop gushing over our photos because that’s how amazing they are! The poses were effortless based on how fun Sydney was during our session. I highly recommend Sydney as your future photographer!"


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