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First things first, my name is Sydney, named after my dad's middle name. My middle name is Leigh (pronounced 'Lee', not 'Lay') - I know, it all makes sense now - Sydney Leigh! You can find me constantly traveling, sipping chai tea, snuggling my doggo Nika, watching One Tree Hill, listening to Ben Rector, and loving this crazy life God blessed me with! I claim my wife title, most days, ;) to my amazing hubby, Devin. We love our little life together here in Minnesota. I love to go hiking through the mountains, digging my toes in the sand, and watching the snow fall through the windows.. sitting on my couch.. with the fireplace on high. :)

I am the girl in the friend group who always wants to make sure everyone is having fun and taken care of, everything is planned out perfectly, and at the end of the night, everything turned out amazing. That is why I love capturing couples, elopements, and weddings. I want to make sure you are taken care of, having fun, every detail is right, and you are beyond happy. I want us to become friends. Check out how our session would go down. 

  1. fuzzy blankets 

  2. candles + essential oils 

  3. the color blue 

  4. chocolate 

  5. real flowers 

  6. spending summer weekends at the lake cabin

  7. outside weddings 

  8. well lit venues

  9. Grey's Anatomy

  10. stella rosa black wine 

  1. spiders/snakes/mice

  2. super spicy food 

  3. black licorice  

  4. horror movies 

  5. styrofoam  

  6. laundry

  7. dark, super orange/yellow churches 

  8. dark, not well lit venues

  9. neon colors

  10. gas prices 




for the intimate, free spirited, & adventurous

  fun facts 

1. I grew up on a farm where my dad raised Peacocks. Yes, I am serious! ;)

2. I went to a private Christian school K-12th grade.

3. I am an ennegram 3.

4. I secretly love watching the drama on the Bachelor. I am a back seat drama watcher. ;) 

5. I got married September 21, 2019 and here is how my amazing day went.

My Approach

Okay, I am not like other photographers...


Here is why: I am a lover of love and a complete believer that God hand picks our person. I believe that everyone, whether you are dating or married for 10 years, deserves to have their love documented and created into memories. I do this by getting to know you both on a personal level to tell your story through photos. I also take time before and during your session to chat your ear off - but still let you two love on each other and create moments together.


You will create your own moments by telling each other what you like most about one another, whispering dirty jokes in the other's ear, frolicking on the beach or through the grass together, and just being romantic and flirty as heck together! I prompt you to do these things, but YOU create the moments and emotions. I am here to capture it all!


I am not about to pose you in awkward poses that make you feel like Ken and Barbie. Your session is all about feeling comfortable, relaxed and just acting like you are on a super flirty date! If you are here to have one good time, get playful and intimate photos, and see true emotion in your photos, then you have came to the right girl! :)

"Sydney is amazing! Not only does her work speak for itself by simply looking at her photos, she is such a fun photographer to pose for! She has all these adorable tricks and tips for getting couples giggling, close and cozy. She even got Chad, who is normally quiet as a mouse, to laugh and whisper the sweetest things in my ear. She creates real moments in her photos! All those blushes and cute nose scrunches are genuine folks!"

Chad + Grace

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