• Sydney Leigh

5 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

A lot of brides forget about the getting ready portion of their wedding day - well, not forget, because, duh, it is such a fun part of your day! But, brides do not plan it as much in depth as other parts of the day. It is definitely a struggle I have seen during some of my weddings, and didn't even think about it for my own wedding until seeing the differences between a planned getting ready room and non-planned getting ready room. These tips and tricks will help your photos and experience be the best they can be! :)

1. Get ready in a well-lit room.

Getting ready in a natural-lit (lots of windows) room helps with getting the best pictures! Getting ready in a dark dungy basement gives your photos a weird color from the lights! Also, getting ready while being able to see outside calms most brides! :) No one wants to be in a cold, dungy basement!

2. Get ready in a decluttered area.

No one wants a picture of half drank water bottles and orange peels sitting next to them! Make sure you clear up your area or have a designated area for your bags, drinks, and food. Having a clear space will make your pictures look clean and organized. You definitely do not want to have that Nike duffle bag beside you! ;)

3. Have an open area where all your girls can get ready together.

Trust me, you are going to want to see your babes getting ready along side you on your day. You will want to talk, jam out, and joke around with them while getting ready! Maybe you will even have a dance party all together, have a little pillow fight, or jump on the bed with excitement of the day! Bring in all the makeup mirrors, full body mirrors, or anything else you have! Girls always love to touch up their makeup to make it look exactly like they want!


Put everything you want a picture of in a box all together in one place so your photographer and videographer can easily get to everything without hunting it down! Have your invites, your programs, your perfume, your shoes, your jewelry, your vows, your rings (and boxes), your flowers, and any and allll heirlooms! :) It is best to put it all in one area of the room where your dress is! Have your man's ring by your stuff! I will take it over when I am done to do his detail photos!

5. Do not forget about your man!

They need alllllll the same things you do! Make sure they are getting ready in a natural, well-lit room that is decluttered and room for all the guys to get ready in together! He will want to hang with his guys as much as you want to hang with your girls! Make sure you have all of his details laid out as well! His tie, watch, shoes, etc! Make sure you think about him as well! :)


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