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Engagement Session in Yosemite

Yosemite. A very adventurous, magical, and just epic place to just even go see. The first time I drove through the valley, I was amazed by the power Yosemite holds. You look out your window and you just feel you entered a whole new world. You feel small. You feel a majestic power. This is why I love Yosemite.

But, this blog is not about how much I love it. It is about giving you ideas, showing you places, and helping you get inspiration for your engagement session in Yosemite!

First off, there are many places in Yosemite. By the falls, the valley overlooking Half Dome, rivers over lookin El Capitan, Tunnel View, Glacier Point, Taft Point, and so many others! You really cannot go wrong when you are taking pictures in Yosemite. There is so many breath taking views that will not disappoint. For Will and Katie, we hiked out to Taft Point and soaked up the views and the sunset. Hiking out to Taft point is a fairly easy hike! There is an unpaved trail that leads you to the point. You do have to climb up and down some rocky areas, so definitely wear hiking shoes and pack other shoes if you don't want those to be in the pictures!

Next, the best time to take pictures in Yosemite is either at sunrise or sunset, unless it is a cloudy day, then anytime works! It is best to take pictures at these times because during the day, the mountains/cliffs are 'blown out' with sun which make them very harsh to photograph while still making you two look amazing! You can definitely still take pictures in the valley before the sun is setting or after sunrise if you time everything correctly! Just make sure the area you want to take pictures is well-lit during the time you want to take them! To do this, the day before your session, check out spots with your photographer to make sure the lighting is great and what you and your photographer want!

If you are looking for a location where there are not very many tourists, you probably are not going to find that in Yosemite during the summer, unfortunately! It is a very iconic national park that brings in a lot of people form all over! However, week days at sunrise is definitely the quietest time to go out to your desired location! You won't regret waking up early to hike out to a spot and watch the sun come up in this amazing park without very many people! Definitely something to add to the bucket list! Also, keep in mind, at times there are weddings going on as well. You have to be respectful and stay your distance, as many times they have paid to have their wedding there!

Tip to end: Spend a few days checking out the national park before your session. I suggest 3-4 if you can! It is definitely a park you want to take the time and explore before deciding on a location. The first time I went, every spot I went was my new favorite. So, go explore and check things out! Maybe make a whole day out of your session if possible! Do one at sunrise, have the day to explore, eat in the valley, or relax, and then have another session and a different location at sunset! Definitely something to try to do! Hope these tips helped out!


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