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Planning For Engagement Pictures

Updated: Apr 3

Ahhhhh! So, you're engaged!! First off, CONGRATS! I am so excited for you! :) Let the planning begin, am I right?! First off, you're probably going to schedule your engagement pictures. Once you get your session booked, you get to start thinking of locations, outfits, hair, makeup, and all of that good stuff! You probably have no idea where to even start, so let me help.

First, pick a location. It can honestly be ANYWHERE. Think of your favorite place, your first date location, where you got engaged, somewhere you traveled together, anywhere. Go somewhere that speaks to you, that fits your personality, your style, your hearts. Go there. Maybe that place is the Badlands in South Dakota. Maybe it is the skyline in a city. Maybe it is the mountains in Utah or the desert in Nevada. Maybe it is Yosemite in California or the Sedona in Arizona. Maybe it is your house or the grass field in your backyard. Maybe it is in the Joshua Trees if California or the beaches of Oregon. Really, wherever it is, go there. Do them there!

Second, planning your outfits. Make sure you feel your absolute BEST in your outfits. Make sure you are comfortable and can move, breathe, and maybe even hike in your outfit! Who knows what we will be doing! ;) Next, pick colors that compliment you best! Colors that compliment everyone and every location are neutrals for sure! Blacks, grays, tans, and whites. Colors that also may look good with your location and complexion are earthy tones. Blues, maroon, and mustard. If you are thinking of having a pattern, make it minimalistic! Try not to over power your outfits with patterns! If you have a patterned piece of clothing, pair it with a solid. If you want your man in a flannel, have him wear it open with a white tee underneath! I am obsessed with hats and jackets! Definitely bring those flat brimmed hats and jackets! :) If you are doing more than one outfit, bring one dressier one (maybe a dress or skirt) and one more casual outfit (jeans)!

Third, makeup and hair. Take your time to make sure you like how you look! Make sure your make up is just right and you are having a good hair day! Try a practice run a few days before pictures! It may help! Do your hair and makeup and even try on your outfits to make sure you like how everything is coming together! It will definitely be worth it! Ladies, if you are doing a make up trial for your wedding, you could even do it for your engagement session. Now, hair. Make sure you style it how you like it! Whether it is wavy, curly, straight, or just natural. Leave it down! :) For the guys, make sure he is looking good too! Put a little product in his hair and make sure his whiskers are trimmed up how you like them!

Here are some tips to make your engagement session the best it can be (in my opinion) ;)

1. Choose an hour or two before sunset and shoot until that little moon comes out! (hopefully you won't have too cloudy of a day!)

2. Make a playlist of your favorite songs together and have your photographer play the playlist while you shoot!

3. Take along beverages. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, you're definitely going to need a drink! Your man will be less tense with a drink or two in him! ;) Sometimes a bottle of champagne is a fun prop! :)

4. Make sure you eat before your session. Ladies, I promise you won't be bloated if you have a snack to hold you over. Make sure your man is nice a full, he won't get crabby then! ;) You could even bring some food to your session! A pizza picnic is definitely a must! :)

5. Always bring your dog.

6. Act like this is a fun, flirty date where you get to kiss.. a lot, act like silly in love teenagers, and just down right, have a good time. Honestly, loosen up and just be goofy and romantic together! Do not worry about where your hands go, just wrap them around each other, put them in your pocket, do whatever it comfortable!

7. Do not rush! Don't make plans right after your session! Your session may go over the planned time because you're having too much fun. ;)

8. Make a day of it if you can! Go on a date before, spend the day together going hiking, do something together before you come!

9. If you are in a fight before your session, do not come out of the car or even leave the house until you have kiss and made up! Your pictures will show the tension! ;)

10. Whatever your photographer says to do, just do it! Make the most of it! Nothing is weird for us! :)


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