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Scouting Locations for Wedding Pictures

Alright guys, I know you probably didn't even think about looking for places to take pictures for your wedding! It doesn't cross very many people's minds because it is such a little detail, but it is definitely a huge part of your day! So, I am here to help you know how to do this!

1. Look for locations in the area/town your ceremony is in!

By taking pictures in the same area or town your ceremony is in will save you a lot of time for even more pictures and a relaxed setting! No one likes to hurry through this portion of the day! Also, no one will be super confused when there is not a ton of different locations for everything! If your wedding is in a national park or is an elopement, pick out 4-5 of you favorite locations to take pictures at!

2. Look for those locations at the time of day you will be taking pictures!

Timing of the day is veryyyyy critical for good lighting and the best possible pictures! If there is no shade and it is the middle of the day, your photos and eyes will be blasted with light and you might go blind.. I'm kidding, but really.. Make sure there is some spaces of shade for you/your groups to stand in if it is the middle of the day! If it is later in the evening around sunset, make sure the sun is shining on your side or on your back! Again, you do not want to be looking into the sun! Let me do that, I don't need to look nice! ;)

3. Look for those locations within a week or a few days of your wedding!

By doing this, you will know exactly how the sun will be and what the location will look like at that time on your wedding day! If you are going to be extremely busy the week of your wedding, do it the week before! If you are eloping, do it the day before!

4. Have a back up plan!

Make sure you have two to three different locations for photos! Make a few outside and a few inside! I know weather is the last thing you want to worry about on your day, but it does happen! So, make a plan that includes at least two outdoor locations and two indoor locations that you really really like!

5. Get your photographers input!

Make sure you either scout with your photographer or send them photos of the locations you are thinking! This way they know what to expect and can give you feedback on the locations! Also, then they start getting major ideas on what kind of photos you are going to do!! :)

Make sure to add this little task to your to do list for your big day! If you need input or help at all, message me! Let's get the best locations for your day! :)

xoxo Sydney


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