• Sydney Leigh

Where to Shop for Bridesmaid Dresses

When I got married, I had no idea where to start shopping for bridesmaid dresses! So, what did I do, ask my mom, of course! ;) We went to a few places around our corner of the world, but everywhere we looked, the price tags were way more than what we wanted! I ended up going to David's bridal and letting all of my girls pick their style, while I picked the color! Hey, it worked and it looked great! But, if I was to do it again, I would DEFINITELY look into more places, especially online.

Now, don't get me wrong! I am ALL about supporting the local bridal shops. But I am writing this post mid-COVID pandemic and I want to help brides anyway I can since the bridal shops are closed, at least around my area! Once they re-open, I would definitely check out Marie & Marie, Ellie Stone, and Bridal Gallery. These shops are all amazing! I have personally been to all of them. Their dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

Alright, back to helping brides plan during COVID. So, the online shops I absolutely have gotten to love are Baltic Born, Revelry, and One Loved Babe. These shops are a little more fashion forward and a little more non-traditional. Which is why I love the idea of stepping out of the normal wear and into something unique that fits YOUR vision! Some of these shops offer trial dresses to try on at home! So definitely take advantage of that! Also, if you are not sure on the color, a lot of places will give you or let you purchase swatches of fabric to see! I highly recommend doing this as well!

For Devin and I's wedding, like I mentioned above, I decided to let my girls pick their style of dress, while I picked their color (with their input). I wanted everyone to be in a different color and a different style, because everyone has their opinions on what colors and styles they look good in and what colors they don't! This may be your way of thinking as well, or it might not! Either way, Your girls will look gorgeous and it will all flow together perfectly! :)


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