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Okay friends, let's be real  for a hot sec.  

When you hire me, you are getting much more than just a photographer. You are getting someone who has planned a wedding, who is going to become your best friend through this amazing process, and someone who is going to be your hype-woman. I am your go-to for help finding amazing locations and planning your epic day. 

You will have captured moments and memories of true emotion, not stiff, posed photos. I want you to look back on your photos and know exactly how you felt in that moment and remember those moments like you are right back there!  You will have  a fun, flirty, romantic experience to enjoy and not to dread. You are going to laugh.. a lot, flirt a ton, kiss quite a bit, love on each other, and just have a heck of a good time! My style is definitely a warm, natural tone. I like to stay true to color, with a little warmth and style in your photo! 

This is what you can 100000% expect. I am here for you and to give you an experience. I want you to know that I am NOT the photographer for everyone. If you are looking for someone who just takes pretty pictures with a nice camera, makes sure your hair is laying JUST RIGHT, makes sure you look like Ken and Barbie.. I am probably not the photographer for you. And that is okay! I want more than just a client vendor relationship. I want to be friends, seriously. I want couples who are more focused on being in the moment with each other than if their hair is blowing in the wind (don't worry, I will make sure you are not looking like Alfalfa). I definitely work best with couples who are straight up ready for a good time, down for a traveling adventure, up for hiking through the mountains, ready to explore new location together, the couples who are free-spirited with a little wild side,  authentic, intimate, and romantic together. So, if this sounds like you.. let's chat about it!

why invest

When planning a wedding, the numbers of everything add up so so fast. Trust me, I have been there, done that. But, the one thing that I want you to think about is.. what are the things you are able to take away from your wedding day to remember the entire day? Are you able to take a save the food? The way your husband looked at you for the first time? The cake? The way you felt when you read your vows? The way you looked when he kissed you? The way he held you when you danced? The emotions of the day? No, you cannot take those things and save them from your wedding day forever. Memories will fade, the food will spoil.. but something that you can keep forever from your wedding day? Your photos.


So, why not make this one of the top priorities? Why not Invest in something that you can look back on and relive those moments over and over and over again? Photos are not what they used to be.. they are not Iphone shots that you just quick take. They are timeless memories that will hang on your wall, that your parents will cry over, that your kids will look through and say "ewwwww" at the one of you and your husband kissing, and it will be a reminder, when you are 90 years old, what it felt like again to have and be surrounded by so many people you love..


That is what investing in photography is..

session tips and tricks

"Our experience working with Sydney was nothing short of perfection. Sydney not only has a talented eye behind the camera, but she made us feel so comfortable during our session. Sydney radiates so much passion for her work, but also expresses compassion for her clients. We can’t stop gushing over our photos because that’s how amazing they are! The poses were effortless based on how fun Sydney was during our session. I highly recommend Sydney as your future photographer!" 

 Noah + Hope

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